Humidification & Water Systems

Our Clients

Our Clients

  • International:

    Agromark (Marshalls) SPAIN


    Rago Group Battipaglia ITALY

    N Z Fresh Cuts, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

    Tangmere Airfield Nurseries, Finca da Pela SPAIN

    The Watercress Co, FL, USA

    The Watercress Co Royal Cress, SPAIN

    Vitacress Iberian Salads, PORTUGAL

    Vitacress Espana Royal Veg, Pulpi, SPAIN



    Allens Hill Farm, Rochester

    Arlesford Salads, The Nythe



    Barfoots of Botley, Sefter Farm

    Barfoots, Broadlands

    Barfoots, Leythorne

    BCP Curtis

    Laurence J Betts Ltd, Church Farm, West Malling

    Blackmoor Estate, Liss, Hants

    Booths, Knutsford

    B A Boxall & Son

    Brompton Food Market, London SW7

    A E Brown, Cold Store Isle of Wight

    A E Brown, Farm Shop Isle of Wight

    A G Thames, Dartford



    WB Chambers & Son

    Chicory Crops Ltd

    Choice Organic

    T H Clement & Son Ltd, Nr Boston

    Cobrey Farms



    JB Dockrells Ltd

    Driscoll’s Genetics, East Malling

    Dyas Farms



    Eden Herbs

    Emmett wales Ltd, Llanwitmajor



    W J Findon

    Finlays Fresh Produce, Stevenage

    Freshfields Farm, Huntingdon




    Garson Farm Shop, Esher

    Greenfield Produce

    A C Goatham

    Gowrie Growers



    Hammonds Produce

    P Hayward & Sons


    James Heyes & Sons

    Hillier Nurseries

    Home Farm Nacton, Ipswich

    Huntapac Produce, Preston



    Intercrop, Betteshanger Deal Kent

    Invicta Produce, Manston



    J Pao (Global Salads), London NW10

    John Saul, Boston, Lincs

    JVG Fresh, Spalding



    Leggate M & Sons, Wrangle

    Lincolnshire Field Products Ltd, Spalding Site

    Lincolnshire Field Products Ltd, Green Site Whaplode


    F P Matthew

    Manor Farm, Spalding

    F W Mansfield (Nickle Farm), Chartham Canterbury

    Medina Stores, Watford

    My Fresh, Wigan




    Natoora Ltd, London SE16

    Nature’s Best



    PDM Produce, Chadwell Park Farm Telford

    Piccaver Produce, Spalding Sites 1 & 2

    Pollybell farms Ltd, Eworth Doncaster

    Portwood Farms

    Produce World Marshalls, Butterwick Boston

    Produce World Marshalls, Goon Rinsey, Helston Cornwall



    RED STAR GROWERS, Woodfield Farm, Pershore

    Riverford Organic Farms, Buckfastleigh

    Riviera Produce, Cornwall

    R B Organic Ltd, Yaxley

    Rhubarb and Bramley, Sutton

    A E Roberts Nurseries, Shedfield, Southampton

    J C Rook & Sons, Margate

    Rotary Southern, Ruislip

    Rumwood Green Farm



    Salads To Go

    Sandfield Farms

    Sheffield University, Sheffield

    South Bank University, London

    Southern Salads

    Staples Vegetables

    Starkeys Fruit Ltd, Asplins Produce

    Sussex Produce Co, Steyning



    Tangmere Airfield Nurseries, Chichester

    TIO Ltd

    Topfruit, Borough Green

    Trevor Reynolds, Cheriton Bishop, Near Exeter

    Trevorrian Farm

    The Herbary, Kings Lynn




    Vale Royal Fresh

    VHB Herbs, Chichester



    Watts Farm, Farningham, Kent

    Wealmoor Ltd Site 2, Greenford Middx

    Wealmoor Site 3, Atherstone

    Willowbrook Foods, Newtownards, Belfast

    Woodhall Growers

    M J Worth Ltd

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    Brompton Food Market


    AE Brown (Isle of Wight)


    Medina Stores, Watford


    Side Salads, New Covent Garden


    JC Stewarts, Magherafelt


    Weatherheads Butchers


    Whole Foods (Fulham, Cheltenham, Glasgow, Richmond)


    Bateel, London W11


    Bennett, Bury


    Natoora, Chiswick


    Rhubarb and Bramley, Sutton


    JC Rook & Sons, Margate


    Sussex Produce Co, Steyning

  • “The Pendred Tru-fog Crop Hydration system has revolutionised our farming operation”

    “We are now selling baby leaf product at up to 11 days after harvest without any Quality issues”

    “If we can, we prefer to hold product for one or two days in our Tru-fog conditioning cold store as product looks better after two days in storage than it does fresh off the field”

    “We are consistently recording a 10% increase in product sent to processors (same at our other satellite farm) since we installed the Pendred Tru-fog system”

    “This season we have had absolutely no product wasted due to quality issues”

    “Much greater flexibility and reduced cost in cropping now that we can plan a week ahead rather than reacting to orders received that day. We call this ‘strategic cropping’, since the introduction of the Pendred Tru-fog system, we cut in advance rather than on the morning of despatch”

    “The despatch weight of product is exactly matched to the order weight, as stabilised product comes directly from the cold room, not the field”

    “Health and Safety is vastly improved as a result of planned work schedule”

    “Costs are reduced as we no longer have to re-visit the field to make up order weight”

    “We can now cut and store the leaf at the optimum ¬†or correct size, preventing the leaf growing oversize in the field and being wasted”

    “There is now a potential to grow and store surplus crop before the latter end of the season when the yields are poor and danger of frost damage is imminent”

    “Over production caused by crops bolting can now be held in store and sold rather than being wasted”

    “Bunched carrots look better than they did off the field”

    “Beetroot has held for months with no loss of quality or weight”

    “Broccoli can be held in perfect condition for 5 weeks or more”

    “We won’t be able to manage with out it!”

    “Broccoli lost 2% weight in three weeks and was in perfect condition, the control sample lost 22% and was not in saleable condition”

    “For such a simple concept the results are amazing”

    “If bad weather is on its way we can cut and store the product before it is ruined on the fields”