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Testing / Scientific

Testing / Scientific

PENDRED Humidification & Water systems have been providing technology to the Food sector for 65 years. In the last 20 years we have been operating in the field of storage and shelf life extension of fresh produce (as well as quality maintenance of fresh meat, fish and produce in retail display). Pendred therefore bring extensive experience in developing products for the food sector and specifically products to enhance shelf life and reduce waste.


With 15 years experience developing patented microbial management systems to control the microbial content of water (such as Ultra Violet Radiation, Ozone and Chlorine dioxide) Our unique industrial-sized dry-fogging technology (Tru-Fog©) has significant potential as a delivery system for a variety of chemicals, particularly into a large spaces without wetting.


Our continuous programme of Technical Research and Scientific Testing aims to provide scientific, technological and engineering solutions to address;

  • The hydration and microbial management of fresh produce during short and long term storage post-harvest.
  • The hydration and microbial management of fresh produce during transport (by road) to food processing and packaging facilities.
  • Improved efficiencies in resource use (water, energy, reduction in food loss/spoilage) along the post-harvest Food Supply Chain (FSC). (Production through to distribution).
  • Microbial quality of fresh produce.
  • Improved shelf and storage-life of fresh produce across the food supply chain (FSC).


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The disparity between supply and demand and unpredictable or changing climates affecting crop production, demands more flexibility within the supply chain from harvest to packaging (strategic cropping). Our equipment addresses this by generating innovative storage and transport solutions, which improve the management of the supply chain bottleneck and also create a platform for developing this technology in all other sectors of the food chain.

Innovation is a critical part of solving global food security issues and novel scientific and technological solutions are required to reduce waste at all levels across the food industry. Our technologies are refined on an application-specific basis, and then deployed into real world applications. The outcome of the testing of different produce types within commercial simulation field trials is translated into commercial demonstrations. From our diagnosis of water and energy consumption of the fresh produce food supply chain (Life Cycle Analysis) with implemented Tru-fog© technology, we can quantify the water and energy savings attributed to the system from producer to retailer, with product realisation, dissemination and exploitation strategy being informed and led by industry.

Original concepts are formulated and crystallised into project plans through discussions with Food Industry Experts across the Supply Chain. Our innovative projects require a high degree of collaboration between academia and industry and an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to the research. We bring together unique knowledge and complementary expertise. Our end-user driven research programmes include representatives from across the food chain, addressing an environmental bottleneck in food production, which can be better managed with improved storage and transport options.

Commercial R&D projects are managed by our Scientific Officer, Dr Julia Pendred. Having been involved in numerous research projects, with extensive experience and a strong reputation in the co-ordination of projects, she has almost 15 years of research experience both in academia and industry. Julia has led and continue to lead a number of research and development projects both nationally and internationally and is currently involved in a number of research programmes, including a large DEFRA-funded project involving 6 partners (completed October 2014).

Developing research includes:

  • Built laboratory prototype technology platform.
  • Assess the effect of aerosolised chemicals on material surfaces used within cold storage and transport infrastructure.
  • Physicochemical characterisation of aerosolised solutions.
  • Develop a protocol to enable transition between a purely hydrating and a hydration and microbial management environment.
  • Develop industrial prototypes.
  • Develop laboratory-based research programmes, designed to optimise our equipment.
  • Evaluate organoleptic quality of fresh produce exposed to Tru-fog© environments.
  • Evaluate antimicrobial efficacy of technology on material surfaces and fresh produce.
  • Regulatory Assessment of Tru-fog©
  • Knowledge Exchange of operational parameters from academia to industry
  • Develop Commercial Simulation (scale-up) field-trials of industrial prototypes
  • Trans-European Commercial Demonstration field-trials

As Food Technology Developers and Service Providers, we also provide specialist equipment for producing formulated water for coffee shops (customers include Starbucks); Humidification equipment for Fresh Food Retail, including fresh produce, meat, fish, cheese and delicatessen products (Customers include Morrisons and Waitrose); Plant propagation; and our largest market, Post Harvest Salad and Vegetable Storage. Pendred have strategic partnerships with over 10 companies, including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and service & maintenance organisations. We are market leaders in the UK with Post-Harvest technology and supply all major salad and vegetable growers with humidification equipment and customers and suppliers across the globe.

The Company is well positioned in the market to ensure that the results of our research is disseminated, exploited and transferred via an extensive network of customers across all sectors of the food supply chain.

This combined with a proven distribution/maintenance model enable adoption and dissemination of project outcomes to an existing and growing customer base. Commercial networks of partners extend globally across the FSC and include almost all produce categories. Currently we have customers in the UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand and USA.