Humidification & Water Systems

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

The UK Health & Safety Executive requires that all cold water humidification and fogging systems be designed, manufactured, installed, serviced and maintained by especially trained and manufacturer approved technicians. Thorough knowledge of the correct operation of all systems installed and their hygienic service and maintenance is essential to ensure reliable and safe operation.


Norman Pendred & Company have specialised in food quality humidification and crop hydration systems for over 15 years and have developed the equipment, service and planned maintenance to support the stringent requirements of the Health & Safety Executive of conduct L8.

A founder member of the Heating & Ventilation Association (HEVAC) Humidity Group, Pendred have been closely involved in the development of a Code of Best Practice, developed by the HEVAC-Humidity Group to elaborate on the HSE code of conduct L8.


In addition to installing, servicing and providing planned maintenance for systems in the UK, Pendreds also train installation and service technicians from carefully chosen strategic partners in agriculture and industry, both in the UK and overseas. For some time Pendred equipment has been operating throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as in a number of EU countries, New Zealand and the USA.

For further information or assistance contact either:-

Chief Executive Officer – Julia Pendred on +44 208 461 9387
Workshop Manager – George Wignell on +44 208 461 9385
Asst. Workshop Manager – Chris Simpson on +44 208 461 9389
Managing Director – Christopher Pendred on +44 208 461 9380