Humidification & Water Systems




Bespoke is the newest division within Pendred Humidification and Water Systems, focusing on servicing the speciality coffee industry. Already a name well known within the world of water, Pendred have a long history providing water filtration, systems and servicing to a wide range of customers and diverse applications, from independent farm shops and crop hydration to Starbucks and Morrison’s retail. Bespoke Water aims to utilise this experience by providing a reverse osmosis system new to the UK and tailored specifically to the speciality coffee market. Our sister companies Pentic Retail and H202Go bring additional retail solutions to the portfolio – do check them out too!

We have a close and long standing relationship with the suppliers of our equipment, Nimbus Water Systems, who have a history as long as our own within the water industry, manufacturing a range of water filtration systems. Based in California, they are experts in their field and patented the spiral wound RO technology that is widely used today.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: 020 8461 9393

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