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Misting Systems

Misting Systems

The System

Misting is a very simple moisture maintenance technology. Already popular in the USA, it can be applied to a variety of applications, mainly in Farm Shops displaying fresh vegetables and salad products that are merchandised on single deck displays.

Ambient or refrigerated wet fish, displayed on ‘ice bed’ counters could also benefit from the evaporative cooling effect provided by misting systems. They would also benefit from significant reduction in moisture loss from the product.

Water is pumped at 90 psi through Misting tips that periodically deposit mist (with droplets of 10-20 microns) onto fresh vegetables, salads and wet fish displays. These bursts last about 4 seconds and occur approximately every 25 minutes. Misting places a layer of sacrificial of moisture onto the produce surface which acts as a protective coating.

The Effect

Correctly applied, this fine layer of moisture need not soak or over wet the product. The sacrificial layer evaporates off, causing a reduction in surface temperature by a process called evaporative cooling.

Fresh living products, such as fresh vegetables and salad products will not only benefit from a reduction in de-hydration but will also re-hydrate, helping to sustain life by slowing the produce’s deterioration.

The Water

The bacteriological content of the fresh drinking water is, as with all Moisture Maintenance systems, managed through a variety of techniques such as UV light, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide and Hot or Cold temperature control.

Fresh drinking water also usually needs to be de-mineralised to eliminate lime-scale build up within Moisture maintenance equipment or on display counters. Pendred employ a variety of technologies to filter, de-mineralise and manage bacteria levels within their installations.

The Benefits

  • – Display life is extended, further reducing wastage
  • – Products are evaporatively cooled
  • – Living salad and vegetable re-hydrate, refreshing the product and slowing the deterioration process
  • – The system can be used for a variety of products including wet fish
  • – Flying insects are also deterred/discouraged


Maintenance is minimal on the Pendred Misting system. The water filtration system will need its pre-filters changed at least once a year (dependent on local water conditions). Misting tips should be cleaned, checked and de-scaled every 6-12 months.