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Tru-fog Crop Hydration

Tru-fog Crop Hydration®

Maximise pick weight, quality & shelf life by maintaining or improving natures freshness. You and your customers will see the benefits of our Tru-fog:

  • Tru-fog sustains life through natural hydration using ultra-pure water in the form of minute
  • Tru-fog is absorbed naturally, being smaller than the stomata in the leaves
  • Tru-fog is too small to freeze and has no adverse effect on modern refrigeration
  • Defrost cycles need not be increased
  • Tru-fog promotes faster, more efficient cooling with less energy used
  • Enables lower core temperatures to be achieved without detriment to the product
  • The amount of energy used by the refrigeration to remove heat will be reduced through the evaporative effect of this cold-water humidification system
  • Working visibility is maintained within the fog and does not affect forklift trucks or electrical equipment


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We take a natural science and control it …simply… in the cold store or retail store

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Tru-fog will only rehydrate produce through the stomata – a natural solution. Water alone cannot enter the stomata. When dehydration takes place, plant cells shrink and the stomata closes to reduce vapour loss. In a Tru-fogTM environment the stomata will open to absorb moisture if needed. During rehydration only our Tru-fog of

Natural Absorbtion

Hydration occurs through the pores or stomata of plants, vegetables and soft fruits. Once picked, produce dries out very quickly in refrigeration! Tru-fogTM sustains life through natural hydration using ultra-pure water, in Tru-fog particles, which float in the air – reaching everywhere.

Weight Maximised

Maximise pick weight and yield by rehydration. Only Tru-fog can regenerate produce this effectively. Tru-fogTM only produces droplets

Plump Appearance

Both you and your customers can see Tru-fog and how it benefits the product, which remains in perfect condition.


Tru-fog explained

Ultrasound vibration is used to produce our unique Tru-fog. By creating a light but visible fog with droplets of ultra-pure, demineralised water suspended in the atmosphere, leafy salad and vegetable products rehydrate to maintain maximum pick weight, quality and shelf-life. Our system goes far beyond standard humidification, Tru-fog gets everywhere and there is visible proof that it works – without wetting the produce or the floor. The system enables companies to maintain the quality of their product and maximise yield in a competitive market.

Feedback – What our customers say…

  • The Pendred Tru-fog Crop Hydration system has revolutionised our farming operation.
  • We are now selling baby leaf product at up to 11 days after harvest without any Quality issues.
  • If we can, we prefer to hold product for one or two days in our Tru-fog conditioning cold store as product looks better after two days in storage than it does fresh from the field.
  • We are consistently recording a 10% increase in product sent to processors (same at our other satellite farm) since we installed the Pendred Tru-fog system.
  • This season we have had absolutely no product wasted due to quality issues.
  • Much greater flexibility and reduced cost in cropping now that we can plan a week ahead rather than reacting to orders received that day. We call this ‘strategic cropping’, since the introduction of the Pendred Tru-fog system, we cut in advance rather than on the morning of despatch.
  • The despatch weight of product is exactly matched to the order weight, as stabilised product comes directly from the cold room, not the field.
  • Health and Safety is vastly improved as a result of planned work schedule.
  • Costs are reduced as we no longer have to re-visit the field to make up order weight.
  • We can now cut and store leaf at the optimum or correct size, preventing leaf from growing oversize in the field and being wasted.
  • The Pendred Tru-fog Crop Hydration system has revolutionised our farming operation.
  • There is now a potential to grow and store surplus crop before the latter end of the season when the yields are poor and danger of frost damage is imminent.
  • Over production caused by crops bolting can now be held in store and sold rather than being wasted.
  • Bunched carrots look better than they did off the field.
  • Beetroot has held for months with no loss of quality or weight.
  • Broccoli can be held in perfect condition for 5 weeks or more.
  • “We won’t be able to manage without it!” – (Brassicas, bunched carrots, beetroot).
  • Broccoli lost 2% weight in three weeks and was in perfect condition, the control sample lost 22% and was not in saleable condition
  • For such a simple concept the results are amazing
  • If bad weather is on its way we can cut and store product before it is ruined on the fields

Our Tru-fog Crop Hydration systems are in use by the following UK and overseas companies:

  • Vitacress Salads Ltd – Hampshire
  • PDM Produce (UK) Ltd – Shropshire
  • Robert Montgomery Ltd – Kent
  • TioProduce-Scotland
  • H Clements & Son Ltd – Lincolnshire
  • TASmith&Co-Lincolnshire
  • Maurice Crouch (Growers) Ltd – Cambridgeshire
  • Intercrop Ltd – Kent
  • Staples Vegetables Ltd – Lincolnshire
  • Global Salads/J Pao & Co Ltd – London
  • J E Piccaver & Co – Lincolnshire
  • Alresford Salads (Geest) – Hampshire
  • Gomez & Co Ltd (Produce) – Kent
  • Chicory Crops Ltd – Herefordshire
  • Choice Organics – London
  • Greencell Ltd – Lincolnshire
  • Greenfield Produce – Yorkshire
  • Manor Fresh Ltd – Lincolnshire
  • Frank P Matthews Ltd – Worcestershire
  • A E Roberts Nurseries Ltd – Hampshire
  • The Watercress Company – Dorset