Humidification & Water Systems

Plant Propogation

Plant Propogation

Tru-fog© is a unique and new technique to improve the germination of seeds, rooting cuttings & grafting. We refer to it as a ‘true fog, – 100% of the water droplets are between 1 and 5 microns in size.

Small enough to act as if it is lighter than air. Tru-fog© is produced from super-pure, bacteria free water and as all droplets are smaller than the stomata in the leaves and stems of plants, they are able to be absorbed into the cell structure without over wetting the plant or growing medium.

Only Tru-fog© can produce this volume of ‘lighter than air’ dry fog that remain suspended in the propagation environment.

Tru-fog™ provides shade from bright sunlight and energy efficient evaporative cooling in extreme temperatures.

All this takes place without over wetting the growing media and saturating delicate root systems. This reduces stress on leafy cuttings which can imbibe moisture from the

No nozzle system can do this!

Increased benefits:-

  • Reduce propagation times by 14 to 21 days.
  • Reduce root stress caused by over wetting the rooting media, allowing more oxygen for the emerging root system.
  • Stabilises and maintains the relationship of water in air and growing media.
  • Providing shade from extreme sunlight without undue wetting.
  • Controls temperature variations in very hot & sunny weather.
  • Improved access to ‘walk-in’ Tru-fog© compartments thereby reducing management time spent removing and replacing polythene sheets.
  • You can see it working
  • Increased higher success %.
  • Economical use of water
  • Promotes CO2 replacement.
  • Low power consumption = energy saving.

The Tru-fog© systems maintain a visible layer of lighter than air fog made up of

In trials at HRI East Malling in 2002 Gerrya elliptica ‘James Roof’ rooted 100% in 28 days compared with 65% in 55 days in enclosed mist.

Other subjects successfully rooted included:-

  • cer palmatum spp.
  • Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’,
  • Fremontodendron ‘California Glory’.

Soft leafy cuttings propagated in high stress summer conditions can become stressed immediately after they are inserted.

Cuttings have limited carbohydrate reserves and must root quickly to provide nutrients and water. When subjected to stress in summer, cuttings need to be shaded from bright sunlight, with the Tru-fog© system they are shaded and cooled by evaporative cooling.

Our system can be controlled by temperature or sunlight to switch between humidification and fogging when heat from bright sunlight becomes a problem.

In hot weather Tru-fog© water droplets evaporate into water vapour causing an increase in air pressure (vapour pressure). As more Tru-fog© is blown into the area it promotes air change and essential CO2 replacement.

The Pendred Tru-fog© system is unique, used and proven to be highly effective by a number of leading propagators.